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Horse Trailer Windows

Starquest Products offers a full range of Horse Trailer Window Systems.

We have a reputation as "The Experts" in window and door design and supply.  If you don't find what you need here, our experienced Starquest design team is ready to develop a custom solution to meet your needs! 

Drop-Down Feed Window - DDFW

Drop-Down Feed Window - DDFW - Innovative "Slide" handle can be located in several positions on the mullion to achieve the desired handle height.  Handle is connected to plunger using an aluminum bar, not a crimped cable. Handle uses Bauer Products Dealer Key System. Window extrusions are available in Black or Silver. The standard Safety Glass is available in many different... [more]

Drop-Down Insert Window - DWI

  Drop-Down Insert Window - DWI - This window has an increased post, latch and handle assembly simplified installation.  The different post extension lengths allow for variable hole cutout location in door core.  It has an increase view area through glass from use of integrated handle/post design.  The bottom-mounted latch handle allows for improved reach and... [more]

Side Slider Window - SSW

Affordable radius corner windows are available in various sliding and stationary models. Fixed, non-sliding screens are standard on this window and can be ordered in Right Hand or Left Hand configurations. The window can also be ordered with top and bottom weep holes (reducing inventory). Windows are installed with clamp rings with or without bars. Bars are welded in place.  

Rings with Bars

Bars for the cage are welded in place, not mechanically fastened

Living Quarter windows

A Heavy duty radius corner window that is available in various sliding and stationary models. A sliding screen is standard on this style window. The standard Safety Glass is available in many different tints. Exterior pull knob on sliding glass is mechanically fastened, not attached with adhesive. This window is installed using an interior clamp ring. Clamp rings are available for most common... [more]